Sunday, July 01, 2007
  New Network Theory
New Network Theory

The Googlization of Everything: How One Company is Shaking Up Culture, Commerce and Community / Everything is everything: network science, neo-liberalism and security / Imagined Networks / Just Networking: Can Network Knowledge Be Better Than "Good Enough" Knowledge? / The Image in the Network / Network adoption amongst groups - elements for success and failure / rom Networked Publics to Object-Oriented Democracies / The Work of Users in Times of Perfect Templates / "Text" and "network", reconsidered / MTML meets Web 2.0: Theorizing social processes in multidimensional networks / OSNA -- Open Source Network Analysis / Towards Scholarly Marketplaces / Fibers, links and networks – a parallel between textiles, data communication systems and social interaction / E-sociability metaphors: From virtual community to social network and beyond / The Philosophical Foundation of Network Theory: the Reticulum / Subversive Stitches and Revolutionary Knitting Circles. Between art and activism, DIY and prosumer cultures: Weaving new networks in times of Web 2.0. / From Network to Foam. Extending the dispositif of user interactions / Bird Flu as a Public Hype: Networks of Communication on the Web / Mapping, practicing and thinking "the Internet". Challenging network thought in the context of online health information / From ad-hoc to infrastructure: The lifecycle of hyperlink networks and its implications for social, cultural, and political activity / Linking and the Network Imaginary / Wirelessness and radical network empiricism / The Sedimentation of the Passage: Conceptualizing the Locality Today / Stories, Roadmaps and RFID. Exchange; a performance releasing location, memory and identity / Toothing and Bluetoothing; network–fantasy-reality / Rethinking Structure and Causation in Network Theory / Post-Rekombinant Networks or the Transition from the Cognitariat to the Precariat / Subjects that matter: Subjectivity in Network Reality / Saying 'No': On the rejection of consensus-oriented communication on the Internet / Hyperlocality and the tyranny of nodes / Acting Out Network: Self-destructive Murmurs in the Blogosphere / Community (New) Media - Public access in the age of networked social media / Re-thinking network theory and analysis concerning social care networks in the Internet age. A case description / Desire, Dissent and Differentiation: Sustaining Growth in Virtual Networks / The List Serves: Bare Life in Cybernetic Order / LANDSTREAM - experimental program / An Eternal Engine / Heath Bunting from physical space to the net and back again / Imag(in)ing Networks / Internet platforms: cultural production in late capitalism / Suffering in Networks. An exploration into conceptions of marginality, conflict and exploitation in network theories / Actor-Network Theory - ontologizing realities / Open Cartographies, On Assembling Things Through Locative Media / Faith in Exposure / Assessing Virtual Networks: Human Rights Advocacy in Real- and Cyberspace / Navigating the World Social Forum. Individual orientation in a central node of the global activists' network / The Politics of ‘Truthiness:’ Digital Dissent and Satire as Networks of Activism / Bodies and Swarms: Networks, Multitude, and Biology / Glocalisation as a curatorial and artistic mission / Innovative Artists. Transformations of Work and Arts organizations with ICT / The executive language: Coding the future / Anomalous Objects and Processes / Bad Bits: Software and Incorporeal Events / Viral Evolution and the New Software Ecology / On Anomalous Objects of Digitality. An introduction / Between Issue and Social Network. Insights from an ongoing research on mobilization on Communication Rights in Italy / Advocacy networks and policy networks in the European Union: the case of media pluralism / Networks of radical tech collectives: Social logic and technological dimensions of emancipatory practices in the field of digital communication / Consumption Styles and Digital Networks in Italy / The extreme right, networks, and the internet: a comparison of the multi-organizational field of the extreme right in Italy and Germany / Conceptualizing Semantics and Ontologies in a New Network Era / Communicative Societies in a Networked World / Study of the rate, types and behavioral model of internet's users in Mashhad city in Iran / The Political Importance of Internet Cafes in Jordan and Egypt / The special effect of issue-affectedness. On being sensitive to the normative charges of networks / RFC10 and reflexive engineering [Symposium-program]

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