Monday, August 29, 2005
  Evangelical scientists refute Gravity theory
Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity with New 'Intelligent Falling' theory

"Things fall not because they are acted upon by some gravitanional force, but because a higher intelligence, 'God' if you will, is pushing them down," said Gabriel Burdett, who holds degrees in education, applied Scripture, and physics from Oral Roberts University.
  'Relations with the muslim community'

is the title of a document written in May 2004, published by The Observer/The Guardian

"The letter, dated 18 May 2004, says British foreign policy was a 'recurring theme' in the Muslim community, 'especially in the context of the middle East peace process and Iraq."
Friday, August 26, 2005
  Defend the White House

Come to DC to rally against those who would radically change our nation, reverse the accomplishments of the past four years and even aide U.S. enemies.

Your free speech will defend the U.S. system of government, the integrity of elections and the spread of liberty for all people.

... expression from the dutch homelands: 'They're sweating carrots' ... :))
  War and religious paintings

"New stations of the cross representing Christ in the midst of modern armed conflicts, including the Iraq war, have drawn angry denuciation and high praise. At Saint Paul's Episcopal church in Norwalk, Connecticut. Conservative christians have denounced the paintings as a political statement inappropriate for a house of worship..."
Botero also painted, but these are about Abu Ghraib

(Me: reopening my old Georges Bataille books)

Thursday, August 25, 2005
  Sick soldiers
Trauma of war hits troops years later - NewScientist News Service

IN INTERNET chat rooms, veterans ask if anyone else is having a similar experience.

"I had an incident where a small Iraqi boy had his leg blown off. His screams haunt my thoughts. Is what I am experiencing normal?" asks IraqCowboy.

"They gave me sleeping pills, but it doesn't stop the nightmares," says Chucky.

"The doctor says my husband has PTSD," posts Sam. "Does that count as a combat-related illness?"

Sunday, August 21, 2005
  Fucked Soldiers
"Pornographic pictures in exchange for horrific images
of dead corpses. The macabre exchange happens through internet through a highly 'erotical' (?) site and the US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Now that's fucked up! (it really is, don't click through if you have a weak stomach!)

This news comes through Italian newspaper La Repubblica and newsagency ANSA

But first to mention it seems Italian blogger nicked 'Staib'.

Sabbah put it on his Jordan blog
It was published July 5. on del.icio.us - netporn - warporn
And even months before that it was mentioned at Fleshbot.com

And now comes the best part (or worst, that's how I see it :(
"All pictures and video displayed on this site are of people 18 years of age or older. This site is owned and operated out of Amsterdam, Netherlands and adheres to all Dutch laws and regulations regarding nudity and adult content. Please make sure that viewing adult related content is not a violation of any laws or regulations in the area for which you are viewing it."
Great. No violations are involved here. Oh yes, of course; ethics has to do nothing whatsoever with LAW. Where have i seen that before??? Pffeewww...

Update 25/8: I asked Dutch 'web-police' about the site, and they took a look, and as I was just told: "In fact we can't do anything about it. It is just legal. Bad taste is no crime."

The site is registered by someone who also made this site for a school in Belgium.

And just a little bit off topic: "Widespread sexual harrassment of female students at the Army and Navy military academies is fostering an environment in which sexual assaults are likely to occur, the Pentagon reported to US Congress."
Friday, August 19, 2005
  Er grande Ratzinger ... Papaaaaa'

A song on Ratzinger - Papa' (italian - mp3 2.748 kb)

Il regno delle Tenebre del Male

dalla fumata del conclave arriva
la spada del teologo ratziger
Papa Ratzinger Papa ratzinger


dalla Baviera a Roma giu' in picchiata
La Piazza di San Pietro e' gia' gremita
Martini batte i denti c'e' Ratzinger
Papa Ratzinger Papa Ratzinger

HA la mente un poco buia
ma del resto l'età c'e'
non conosce il progressismo
una riforma che cos'e'

Se poi cade si rialza e ti scomu--niche--ra'
Papa ratzinger Papa ratzinger


Ma l'Italiano poi chi glielo insegna
Magari i Ciofani in Piazza di spagna
Non c'e' una messa ormai senza Retzinger
Papa Mazinger Papa Matzinger
Non conosce la paura

ne' un berlusca che cos'e'
La sua enciclica e' gia' pronta, ripudiato cio' che e'
Ose' e se sei un omosessuale con la frusta arrivera'
Papa' Matzingerrr Papa' matzingerrr

Mazinga, Robot (Calici rotanti!)

Mazinga, Robot (doppio Pater)
Mazinga, Robot (Agnus Dei)
Mazinga, Robot Mazinga,
Robot (litanie fotoniche!)
Mazinga, Robot (Raggio Graal!)
Mazinga, Robot (Mea culpa)
Mazinga, Robot (ostie perforanti)

Mazinga, Robot (luce divina!)
Mazinga, Robot (Omelia del vangelo)
Mazinga, Robot (benedizione perforante!)
Mazinga, Robot (Raggio esorcista)
Mazinga, Robot (cannone sistino!)
Mazinga, Robot (acqua di benedetto!)
Mazinga, Robot (anelli del pescatore!)
Mazinga, Robot (croce boomerang!)
Mazinga, Robot (campana fotonica!)
Mazinga, Robot (lama diabolica!)
Mazinga, Robot (doppia Ave Maria)

Dubbio: ma il papa e' Creative Commons?
  Regen - Rain - Pluie - Pioggia - Llubia - Mutar - Yagmur
Rain (1929) is a filmpoem (cine poeme) about rain in Amsterdam by Joris Ivens. Harry Potamkin: "… a film of the oily Dutch rains. With his hand-and-eye camera poking under legs and between wheels, he produced the most interesting objective study of somberness I have ever seen." (Theatre Guild Magazine, 1930)
  Watch The Watchers - 2600

2600: "We realize the Secret Service can be confusing. Many people have no idea what it is they do. Others think they're not supposed to know because it's a secret. We hope to be able to dispel all of the myths and help to get the "secret" out of the Secret Service. After all, they've been doing a bang-up job wiping out the "service".

In this section, you will find a great deal of information about the Secret Service. We're doing this because people have every right to have access to this information, despite the fact that it was this very same information that helped convince a judge that its possessor was a major threat to society.

You may be thought of in the same way once you access this section. And we can only imagine how *we* will be defined.

The existence of this information here is rather ironic. The Secret Service reacted strongly to someone's possession of this knowledge and defined them as a major threat to society because of it. As a direct result, millions of people all over the world now have *instant* access to that very same information. We want the Secret Service to know that they inspired us to give this data out. This page would not exist had it not been for their gross abuse of an individual."
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
  The war is right out there - Il mio miglior inganno

the war is good in March
because the world is crazy
here i command
you'll see how many i'll kill
it'll go good you know good
it'll be a massacre
of terrorists i've produced in abundance
terrorists in aeroplanes
terrorists in trains
terrorists in the tube
and in the elevators
they are on the roofs under your beds
if you're in need i even have some hidden in the drawers
they have beard moustaches
have dark faces
at night they make long horrific shadows on the walls
they have killing spectacles
you can't understand nor think them
they never eat pigs meat
of terrorist i've always one to place
the terrorist at the TV journals opening
you are not their friend
come out of your hideout
the cord is long and the trial always open

the war is right out there
the war no war no war
right out there
the war is right out there
war no war no
the war is right out there
the war no war no war
right out there
the war is right out there
war no war no

the war is good in April
the world has become hostile
has not understood well where is my lobby

Baghdad Baghdad is my vital space
Baghdad Baghdad is my vital space
Baghdad Baghdad is my vital space
Washington Jerusalem is my lobby to the sea
you'll have to be coragious

much more coragious
my violence is good is ready also in May
we are not fools
we need that wells
i have a desert to occupy
or my system will fall apart
it is a simple system
daddy learned it to me
i go take the oil and don't pay for it
because you are mine
you are all my clients
after we watch the match together pretty and satisfied
i could give school to all
i could give hospitals
but i spend your money to fill my arsenals
the war is holy is necessary
my best deception
it is not that i want it i need it all year long

the war is right out there

the war is good in June
today on duty general from the hill makes a shooting gallery
beneath there's no-one
and if, then there's no salvation
these are bombardments for security
you have to be optimistic
much more optimistic
with the supermarket car always in sight
four thousand children are on the mines
but you do nothing
seek a bit to be civilised
you wanted or not the millions just for joy
you played or not on stockmarkets for the super dividend
but your pensionfund i've played it to my lesson
you think of terror i hide the proves

the war is right out there
the war no war no war right out there
the war is right out there
war no war no
the war is right out there
the war no war no war right out there
the war is right out there
war no war no

Militant A. (original italian songtext)
Monday, August 15, 2005
  Decision to Shut Down Internet Permanently

Odds from Global Press Syndicate

In a special session, the Nations General Assembly voted 165 to 6 with one non-voter to shut down the Internet. The reason given was that the rapid and uncontrolled flow of information is destabilizing the governments of many of the member states. Furthermore, the Internet has increasingly become a vehicle for fraud and scams.
Finally, the Internet produced the infamous "DOT COM" debacle which had disastrous repercussions for the World economy.
"We simply can not have all of the communications power of the Internet in private hands," said Chu-Fen Li, representative of the People's Republic of China.
"The Internet has become a channel for terrorists and criminals to pursue their agendas," was the official statement of the United States. "In addition, the decrease in mail volume has hurt the Postal Service seriously."

The six countries that voted against the shutdown were Nigeria and five Caribbean banking havens. The Nigerian representative stormed out after the vote saying that the shutdown would destroy his country's largest source of income.
North Korea made the sole abstention, with the representative Kim Son Fan saying: "What the hack is the Internet? Never heard of it."

The shutdown is to take place immediately, as soon as the representatives of the member states can E-mail their respective governments of the decision.

Financial markets reacted swiftly. Stock prices of all Internet companies fell to flat zero immediately. Several former Internet billionaires committed suicide. Many others have disappeared without a trace.

Microsoft announced that it is buying up all of the equipment and fiber optic cables from the defunct Internet companies and would use these to open a new, controlled access, subscription-only service called "Micro-Net" which would provide information, advertising, and spam free communications including telephone service to former Internet users. Prices will start at only $500 per month per user. The price of a share of Microsoft stock rose 9,615 points.
In related news, Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation announced that he will purchase the entire State of Hawaii for use as his personal resort. He said that all US military bases will be permitted to remain but businesses and residents would be required to leave.


Sunday, August 14, 2005
  New Logo same government
Saturday, August 13, 2005
  Tricky - Always on the run
Switch in, switch on, switch off
I'm lost in contradiction
Feed me my visuals
A flashback...a flashback from way back
I'm strugglin...strugglin
Do you know what its like to struggle?
Do you...do you...have you...have you ever had to struggle?
Roll with the bullets to survive
Strugglin...strugglin...strugglin to remain
They label me insane
But i'm...i'm...i think i'm more normal than most
Strugglin with the remains
Brainwashed with the cheapest
And if pain makes me stronger
Then how am i stronger?
There's a fate for the late
But the late must wait longer
Roll with the bullets to survive
Self preservation keeps the crowd alive
In hell i'll be lost in the layers of weakness
All around the surface brainwashed with the cheapest
In hell i'll be lost in the layers of weakness
All around the surface brainwashed with the cheapest
Exhausted with the mundane
Simplicity means no longer plain
Strugglin with the insane
Darkness and warmth
The obvious and mysterious
Magical colors, mythical shadows
Half thought with no meaning
They label me insane X3

Tricky! Tricky!
  Unembedded in Afghanistan
A documentary filmmaker finds disturbing stories of U.S. abuse
Away from the glare of the media, in the most remote and dangerous parts of Afghanistan, U.S. marines are on a mission to hunt down the Taliban. But in many places their security sweeps are proving counterproductive. More and more villagers are alleging they have been abused by marines.
Carmela Baranowska’s “Taliban Country” is a rare and damning insight into what U.S. forces are doing in remote Afghanistan. For three weeks, Carmela was embedded with the U.S. Marines
in their remote forward operating Base.
Suspicious of what was really happening, Carmela later became the only person in 2004 to return and independently cover this area. [..]
But if the aim of the
U.S. presence in Afghanistan is to remove the Taliban and Al Qaeda remnants and allow the country to embrace true democracy, they clearly still have a long way to go. In this remote corner of the country they are turning the local people against them. Some are being driven to join what remains of the Taliban. As the village leader summed up “Enough is enough …. These Americans must be accountable to someone.”
“Taliban Country,”
in addition to winning the Walkley Prize, will be recognized at the International Festival of Biarritz. The broadcast of the documentary on Australian television has led to two U.S. military investigations.

Friday, August 12, 2005
  Uzbekistan army killed 4500 people on May 13.
Andijan: A Policeman’s Account - By Dilya Usmanova in Andijan (RCA No. 392, 01-Jul-05)

Senior officer says “thousands” killed and their bodies systematically concealed.
"A senior police officer in Andijan has given an account of the May 13 violence which ties in with eyewitness reports of massive, deliberate killings of civilians, rather than the government’s sanitised version.
The officer approached IWPR with his story, saying he and many of his fellow officers on the city force were shocked at the order to open fire on crowds of protestors, and were ashamed at the outcome.
But they do not dare voice their concerns in public.
The officer, who holds a high position on the Andijan force, has not been named or his post identified in this report as he fears he would suffer immediate reprisals.
“I’m taking a bigger risk than you,” the policeman told IWPR’s contributor as the interview got under way. “But I can’t remain silent.”
Claiming that 4,500 people may have died that day – a figure far higher than estimates by human rights activists which run into several hundred, let alone the government’s data which suggest about 170 dead – the policeman detailed how security forces carried out the assault. "

I ask to help to new government of Kyrgyzstan to save life of uzbek refugees and to protect them from pressure from Uzbekistan. And I ask to help UN to send refugees as soon as possible to third countries.
To make clear statement that Uzbek government should not prevent of work of local and international journalists in Uzbekistan. And to stop repressions and abusing local journalists in the Uzbek press.
I ask to help to release as soon as possible human rights defenders, who were arrested after Andijan massacre.
I ask for help and financial assistant for local human rights group and journalists, who still doing great job in Uzbekistan, besides all treats.
  Morons!! I am surrounded by morons!!!

I laughed loudly when i saw someone wearing a t-shirt with that text at WhatTheHack

Now i read this:

"VP Cheney and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission want to make sure China has what it takes to do the job.

The moronic Bush administration is all concerned about "weapons of mass destruction" where they aren't, not where they are. Why in the world is the Bush administration using up the US military and its weapons systems in Iraq, a country that was no threat whatsoever to the US, while aiding and abetting China's rapidly growing economic and military power?
Having asked this question, I will receive 1,000 emails from Bush worshippers who will indignantly inquire why I am demonizing China. I am not demonizing China. I am simply asking a question about the intelligence of the Bush administration. [..]

If Iran has a nuclear power program, Iran might be able to produce a nuclear weapon in ten years. Vice President Cheney has ordered a plan for the US to use tactical nuclear weapons to take out Iran's capability should an excuse arise.
That would be the third Islamic country the US would have attacked in as many years. All hell would break loose. Meanwhile, the chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has announced that the Commission will approve Westinghouse's sale of two nuclear reactors to China."
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
  Keep on Blogging!

Learn about ways EFF is fighting for bloggers' rights

Because printing: "In the current political climate, it's not hard to imagine the government using the ability to determine who may have printed what document for purposes other than identifying counterfeiters," the EFF said. The ACLU recently issued a report revealing that the FBI has amassed more than 1,100 pages of documents on the organization since 2001, as well as documents concerning other non-violent groups, including Greenpeace and United for Peace and Justice.

And because bloggers can tell you stories! Take this recent post about the Minutemen, some American extreme borderline experience: "This is a recent Minutemen rally. And yes, that's a Nazi flag there, third from the right." [..]

Or this one, on Zapatistas, succomandante Marcos, and a penguin!
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
  Jihad in -cyber- space?
The Spiders

Discussion at Nettime: "The internet is the place of "tactical media" in many ways and one tactic in this "clash of civilisations", that is a fake anyway, is to spread false rumors, to try to destroy the identity of the warriors or whatever they are, whatever is happening.
A google search on "Global Islamic Media Front" showed nothing but links to "counterpropaganda" sites, there is a campaign, one of them with such nonsense like: "But when a man emerges from a house that is under surveillance for terror-related reasons, is wearing unusual clothing, refuses to stop for police and rushes onto a Tube train, it is hard to argue that police on the scene have many choices. The ultimate blame belongs to the terrorists who have made London a city under siege."
Monday, August 08, 2005
  Sand Storm Iraq

Wall of sand traveling at 60 mph.
Sand Storm
26 April 2005
Al Asad

and another one on August 8: DUST!

Sandstorm forces delay in Iraq constitution talks
Friday, August 05, 2005
  Tale-tellers mindset

"Don't ask me just how the Wu Ming clan have pulled off this second coup. I only know that their blend of outrageous burlesque and offbeat satire sparkles like a bottle of the best prosecco from a workers'-coop vineyard." (The Independent, UK)

From 54
'Post-war' means nothing. What fools called 'peace' simply meant moving away from the front. Fools defended peace by supporting the armed wing of money. Beyond the next dune the clashes continued. The fangs of chimerical beasts sinking into flesh, the heavens full of steel and smoke, whole cultures uprooted from the earth. Fools fought the enemies of today by bankrolling those of tomorrow. Fools swelled their chests, talked of 'freedom', 'democracy', 'in our country', as they devoured the fruits of riots and looting. They were defending civilisation against Chinese shadows of dinosaurs. They were defending the planet against fake images of asteroids. They were defending the Chinese shadow of a civilisation. They were defending the fake image of a planet. The ragged-trousered Englishman had crossed the Atlantic to accomplish a titanic enterprise: to climb the highest mountain as though faced by a hillock, a pathetic hump, a slope, moving one foot behind the other without bothering to think. Cary Grant. The discovery of a style and the utopia of a world in which to cultivate it." [..]

An example of cooperative writing by Wuming. Before: Luther Blissett
Thursday, August 04, 2005
  Between Basra and Fao
The countryside between Basra and Fao is flat, dry, parched except for some sickly-looking salt flats, and almost completely destitute of vegetation. Tattered black flags--Shia flags--fly from sticks jammed into small hills out in the desert, on the horizon, an enormous oil refinery smokes and burns and shimmers in the heat. With Layla translating, Abbas tells us how, a quarter-century ago, this expanse of dessicated earth once flowered with palms, trees, flowers, wildlife of all description--a verdant garden of date groves and streams and blessed shade. But the Iran-Iraq War destroyed it all, Abbas continued--bombs, rockets, machine gun fire cutting down and churning up the groves like a gigantic scythe and plow.
We flash by berms and small hillocks with sloping sides--tank defenses and artillery emplacements. Twisted, rusting metal fragments of oil installations obliterated in the Iranian fighting. Charred and blackened stumps jutting up by the roadside--the last remains of nakhil, or date palms. A large mural rising up from the desert floor, Arabic words carved in a large slab of black stone. Abbas slows the car as Layla translates. "Fifty-two thousand Iraqi men killed in the battle of Fao ... One hundred-twenty thousand Iranians ... over six million artillery shells falling in this area ..." She pauses. I glance back to see she is crying.

What this memorial only suggests--and what Layla remembers all-too-vividly--is the absolute horror of the war.
Monday, August 01, 2005
  What the Hack: who was there? (And not+)
Bill Gates Died

Bill Gates passes away and goes up to heaven where he is met by God.
"Well, Bill," said God,
"I'm really confused on this one. I'm not sure whether to send you to Heaven or Hell. After all, you enormously helped society by putting a computer in almost every home in the world, and yet you created that ghastly Windows.
"I'm going to do something I've never done before. I'm going to let you decide where you want to go."
Bill replied:
"Well thanks, God. What's the difference between the two?"
God said: "You take a peek at both places briefly if it will help you decide. Shall we look at Hell first?"
"Sure" said Bill, "Let's go!"
Bill was amazed! He saw a clean, white sandy beach with clear water. There were thousands of beautiful men and women running around, playing in the water, laughing and frolicking about. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect.
"This is great!" said Bill.
"If this is Hell, I can't wait to see Heaven."
God replied "Let's go!" and so off they went to Heaven. Bill saw puffy white clouds in a beautiful blue sky with angels drifting about playing harps and singing. It was nice, but surely not as enticing as Hell.

Bill Gates though for only a brief moment and rendered his decision.
"God, I do believe I would like to go to Hell."
"As you desire," said God.
Two weeks later, God decided to check up on the late billionaire to see how things were going. He found Bill Gates shackled to a wall, screaming amongst the hot flames in a dark cave. He was being burned and tortured by demons.
"How ya doing', Bill?" asked God.
Bill responded with anguish and despair: "This is awful! This not whatI expected at all! What happened to! the beach and the beautiful women playing in the water?"

"Oh THAT?!" said God. "That was the Screen Saver."

You know Stone's 'Hidden History of the Korean War'?

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