Wednesday, February 21, 2007
  Satire makes a difference
:: Jon Stewart's The Daily Show is "bad for Americans" ::

The Daily Show and Political Activism

The popular debate about whether Jon Stewart's The Daily Show is "bad for Americans" won't go away. Indeed, worries got so big that now FOX has launched a conservative antidote, "The _ Hour News Show" which premiered this week. Now streaming on YouTube, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ran a piece featuring Daily Show clips and two pundits debating whether "therapeutic irony is rendering us politically impotent." Similar fears were fanned last year when news media had a fiesta with a questionable study by two academics which claimed that watching The Daily Show breeds cynicism and lowers young voters' "trust in national leaders." In September, The New York Times Magazine ran a savvy piece called "My Satirical Self" about a generation of satire in which Wyatt Mason describes how "ridicule provides a remedy for his rage." In 2003 in an interview with Bill Moyers, Moyers asks Jon Stewart: "I do not know whether you are practicing an old form of parody and satireor a new form of journalism. Stewart replies: "Well then that either speaks to the sad state of comedy or the sad state of news. I can't figure out which one. I think, honestly, we're practicing a new form of desperation (July 2003, PBS).

Friday, February 16, 2007
  Spunky hair!
Within / Without
Monday, February 12, 2007
  Hairdo. Any of the cylindrical filaments
Yesterday at a concert I visited with my dad, I got quite obsessed spotting women with long hair.
But there were very few of them.

In The Netherlands like in some other western countries, breastcancer numbers have risen to epidemic scales. [Breastcancer Facts]

Consequences of breastcancer are dramatic. Many women die. Many women lose their breast/s.
In the case of a 'breast saving' operation, treatments of the not-so-funny kind follow: radiation therapy, chemo therapy after which (not in all cases) hormone blocking pills throw the patient into a too early forced meno-pause - a misleading term, no pause at all for five years.

I found myself in this last group since May '06, and now, after eight months, I'm just very, very tired.
And even with rising temperatures of climate change it's still too cold here to really enjoy my buddhisty baldness, and I am however unable to be flegmatic like a buddhist monk.

I have tried to keep http://Streamtime.org going, and in some way, my reading of the Iraqi blogs and other un/related sources kept me alive as well.

But after the crack of the Streamtime-site at the end of Dec. '06 I was under last toxic-attacks in the chemo therapy series and real + virtual reality were very far from my comfortable and safe under sea-level bed, where I instead enjoyed the heavy storms that blew over the low country last January.

Where I was, the sea is only separated from the land by the so-called 'fragile dune'. The storm blew the waves, the sea ate parts of the dunes, and the sand flew everywhere and covered the land. After the storms it looked as if it had been snowing. Everything was covered with the salty white layer of the fine sand.
Two days after I found many starfish on the beach.
So, why bother about web, or war?

However, against all odds, I am planning to get back to it all, but first I'll wait for HAIR!

You know Stone's 'Hidden History of the Korean War'?

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