Monday, September 25, 2006
  Ratzinger [Papa Dont Preach]
(or the Fallacy of Fallaci)
Naeem -found a new t-shirt- "Sometimes it's good to get behind the news cycle. By the time I came back up for air, gallons of ink (and a wee smidgen of blood) had been spilt over the Vatican's new video game "Holy War: Part XXXII". Tariq Ali, Karen Armstrong, everyone and their mother has weighed in on this, so I don't have to.

The Muslim world, as always, genius at PR moves. A nun shot in the back, just to prove that the Pope was wrong. I'm non-violent, and I'll shoot anyone who says otherwise. Smooth.

The interesting concept to tease out is this idea of Muslim rage in response to critique. A rage that is directly proportional to a sense of impotence. There is almost a palpable sense of disappointment among the rightwing that more crazy stuff did not happen."

"The Pope's remarks were dangerous, and
will convince many more Muslims
that the
west is incurably Islamophobic"

Karen Armstrong
Monday September 18, 2006
The Guardian



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