Sunday, April 09, 2006
  Ora Basta!
Updatino 12-4-06
uffaa!! ora 'nnamo a vede come prosegue, dopo 'sto precanto napoletano:
"Il giorno prima delle elezioni una macchina di allegre e truccatissime “ragazze del popolo” si è fermata davanti a me e a un gruppo di amici chiedendoci al ritmo dell’House che usciva dallo stereo: “Guagliù ma a chi avimma vutà, a Berlusconi o…. a chill’ato?”

Some disturbing rumors around the Italian elections: Italian comedian Beppe Grillo (banned from TV since he mentioned the Parma fraud, years before it ever came to the Parmacrack) talks about the stink of a coup (d'état). And in fact, if Berlusconi loses the elections, this would mean he'd have to get to terms with Justice. Does he have an 'exit-strategy'?

I already have heard more rumors that tens of journalists in Sicily have been replaced by others over the last months. It must be that same old shuffle-a-bit-with-people and reinforce the make-them-write-what-you-want tactics.

And i just read this:

i would want to denounce what is happening in the poorest neighborhoods of the whole centre-south of Italy.
Local representors of Forza Italia are buying votes en-masse.
They contact the junkies and the poorest people (but also normal people who are part of certain circles) and promise 50 € per vote. The payment will take place during the elections. A responsible waiting outside the voting-office gives 50 € to all who made a cell-phone photo inside the cabin which proves they voted Forza Italia.

I myself have been contacted yesterday: i found myself with some friends when an acquaintance of us (who was part of our circle of friends some years ago) presented himself in suit with tie saying: "Guys, you want to earn some easy money?" In fact he even offered us a forfait of about 200 € if we managed to buy the votes of at least 50 people. I refused, but there are many persons who accepted, and are accepting.

Denounce these things by inviting the presidents of the voting-offices to deny the voters to take a cell-phone, or other photocameras inside the cabin."

Cellphones. The president of the voting office understood what happened when he heard a click: a young voter in a voting-office in the centre of Livorno was taking a photograph of his vote, after he had voted. When the boy came out of the cabin the president of the office made him cancel the photo.
Source: Il Manifesto, April 11. '06

Another thing that's going on since months now are fascist hit-squads going around to beat people up. Friday night, just before the elections, this happened at
The Qube, a dance-bar in Rome, where an evening was organised by Vladimir Luxuria, a candidate for 'Rifondazione Comunista'.
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