Thursday, April 13, 2006
  Open Letter to Bush
Beppe Grillo:
Maybe it's getting to my head, but i want to write a letter to Bush.

" Open letter to George Bush.

I am only a comic and you are a great president, at the head of a great and mighty nation. Besides that, you're also a great friend of our ex prime-minister with whom you share many common points, the atlantic vision instead of the pacific one, great profits, the export of democracy with or without arms, the personalisation of politics.

I permit myself, very humile, to ask account of your attitude regarding italy and italians.
Prodi has won the elections, many state leaders have congratulated him, also the president of the european community.
You're, nearly, the only one missing.
And, in this situation our ex prime-minister doesn't recognise the electoral results, ass well because of your support. [..]
If you don't recognise the italians, why should we recognise you?"

And by mouth of Italian political fossil Francesco Cossiga:
"Carlo Azeglio Ciampi must immediately nominate Romano Prodi prime-minister and send Silvio Berlusconi home. [..] I would have called Berlusconi to tell him: 'Now you're off immediately, if not i'll relieve you.'"

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