Thursday, April 14, 2005
  Mita pirua me taalla tehdaan?
Todays title should be Finnish for: "What the devil are we doing here?"
The PixelAche Festival in the Kiasma museum in Helsinki and on the island Suomenlinna is nice because it is always good fun to meet a bunch of people from different angles of the world, and to meet different points of view. And it is always sooo interesting to visit places that i had never been before. New food for curiosity.
Visiting a good old friend i had not seen in years. She could answer some of my questions about the company that is bigger than the state of Finland: and i did not know that Nokia is not only that bigggg company, but it is also a very small town in Finland.

She told me: "The 'N'company first produced rubber boots, condoms and toiletpaper. Later it started to produce televisions, and it took a slide into the forestry bizzz (cutting trees that is).

"There is a Finnish book about Nokia written by Staffan Bruun, journalist for Hufuudstadsbladet, a local Helsinki newspaper. The book is about a Nokia chief who committed suicide (Nolaialano, but the name could be written wrongly).

"And a woman of the *ethics departments* of Nokia seems to have left to work as a nurse" ...
This seems to be the story about a woman, Hannah Kaskinen, who was in the debate at IDFA (International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam) where the film about Nokia + ethics *A decent factory* (in China) was shown.
Another film shown at IDFA was *The Take* of Naomi Klein and Avi Evi, or maybe Evi Avi or whatever his name is ('tis Naomi's husband) and a debate found place between them and the woman who went to work as a nurse and who i mentioned above.
That debate was good, and it was quite clear that the interests of the company are not that much about the people, but of course about making profit.
Now Nokia in Finland is probably bigger than the state, and it says to the state: "Don't raise income taxes, otherwise we shall leave the country." (and probably move to China where people can easily be paid reduduced salaries).
So what is this 'N' story about connecting people? What this blablabla about *sharing*?
At the PixelAche conference www.streamtime.org could talk their presentation talky immediately after Marko Ahtisaari did his (he is the ex-presidents son and director of Nokia Insight and Foresight...) and Nokia is paying the bigger part of the costs for this conference.
As i found out a little late.
At the first presentations and opening it seemed like a private commercial for Nokia: around twenty of the present people were Nokia departments sis and so and the other fifteen were us, activists and so in otherwise developed or developing mediascapes for the section DOT ORG BOOM.
So i thought it was a good idea to start our www.streamtime.org session with an expression in Finnish -because there they don't understand Iraqi idioma- to outer my discomfort and alienation within this setting, that is to say, i started speaking the title of my todays bloggy. And i concluded with *Some people are more shared than others* (free variation to Animal Farm). What was in between, maybe i will tell you later.
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