Friday, March 11, 2005
  The simulation hypothesis
Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo, Time Based Arts will be the place where i'll go and watch an exhibition this afternoon that will also be live streamed through da web:

LivingTomorrow realises a territory of place and placelessness. It mixes a database of video fragments to three simultaneous, horizontally-projected image 'streams' -- video fragments of the classic northern Dutch landscape and imperial skies, images of Amsterdam's corporate headquarter area, and highly abstracted images derived from the colours and textures of women's headscarves.

Linda Wallace about her work: "The images themselves explore surface, the boundary between inside and outside. However what this close-up examination reveals is yet another layer, and another idea, of inside and outside. This spatial/conceptual multiplicity is what I am interested in. It is made manifest using images from office buildings in the Bijlmer area, south of Amsterdam, many of which are empty and for sale or to rent. This urban landscape is contexutalised by a series of still images taken on the northern Dutch island of Schiermonnikoog. They show the classic northern environment of dunes, boats on the wat, the beaches and clouds, the green fields. All focus on the horizon line. The other significant visual element are patterns woven from muslim women's headscarves -- I found that I was fascinated by their choice of colours and textures. These video fragments are then threaded together via the logic of the database structure which in this case weights certain combinations of images either higher or lower than others, creating a tension between 'random' and 'intentional' narrative trajectories. More some at: Experimenta and Machinehunger

Average Iraqi asks in his blog if I had been busy doing Streamtime interviews, but this time no: the last blog I made was about some debate and so-on meetings in De Balie, a well-known cultural-political center in Amsterdam. In De Balie the great Nawal el-Saadawi will come by this month!! But I won't be there :(
Inna hurry ...
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Hey it is a nice idea to put copied text in italic, seems creative. I'll use this way too.
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